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Oleksandr Rupeta - About

Oleksandr Rupeta is a documentary photographer from Ukraine working worldwide. He is mostly interested in social anthropology and social conflict topics, with an emphasis on personality. 

Oleksandr is a member of the International Federation of Journalists, Federation of European Photographers, the Independent Media Trade Union Of Ukraine and the Ukrainian Association of Professional Photographers.

As a news and reportage photographer, Oleksandr undertakes short and long-term projects about political, cultural, and social life in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East. His works covered sensitive subjects such as military confrontation, life the people with disabilities and health care in the less developed countries, prosecuted religious communities and the LGBT community,  existence of ethnic minorities, animal conservation, robotization, etc.

The photos appeared in The New York Times, Financial Times, The Times, The Guardian, The Economist, Time, Nature, Forbes, National Geographic Traveler and others.

His news photos were chosen numerous times as a photo of the day, a photo of the month and a photo of the year in agencies such as NurPhoto, Zuma Press and GettyImages reportage.

Oleksandr's personal projects were published in Dodho Magazine, Bird In Flight magazine, The Heavy Collective, Broad magazine, C41 magazine, FotoRoom, All About Photo Magazine, Reporters, Edge of Humanity Magazine, Mediterranean Citizens Story magazine, Local History magazine, Trip magazine, F-Stop magazine, UnFrame, BBC Travel, and others.

Links to selected publications (personal projects)

Awards and Mentions (selected)

2017          15th Annual Smithsonian Photo Contest, Finalist

2017          International Images for Science by The Royal Photographic Society, Winner

2018          LifePressPhoto 2018, International Competition of report photography, Winner

2018          International photo festival 'Travel Art Photo 2018', Winner

2018          Cherrydeck’s Editors’ Choice Award of June 2018

2019          ASPA - Alghero Street Photography Awards, Inspiration documentary project

2019          LifePressPhoto 2019, International Competition of report photography, Winner

2019          Direct Look/19 photo contest, Finalist

2020          The Feature Shoot Emerging Photography Awards, Winner

2020          The best modern photographer of January 2020 according to the All About Photo Magazine

2020          VOHH Foto Fest, Finalist

2021          A photographer to get inspired, Dodho magazine

2021          Budapest International Foto Awards, Photo Essay Winner

2022          The La Gacilly Photo Festival, Finalist

2022          An Ukrainian artist to follow closely, Fisheye Magazine choice

2023          The official image of the Trieste Film Festival 2023

2024          POY 81 Issue Reporting Picture Story, Finalist

2024          Independent & Freelance Photojournalist Award (IFPA), Winner

Exhibitions (selected)

2017          The Royal Photographic Society exhibition, Royal Albert Hall, London, UK (group)

2017          XIX International Photo Exhibition, Lavra Art Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine (group)

2018          FIBA photo exhibit in the House of Basketball, Switzerland (group)

2018          LifePressPhoto, Ostrog Academy Gallery, Ostrog, Ukraine (group)

2018          Travel Art Photo festival, The Gallery of the Art Complex, Kyiv, Ukraine (group)

2018          VIII International Photo Salon, Mykola House Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine (group)

2019          International Salon of reporter photography, Ostrog Academy Gallery, Ostrog, Ukraine (group)

2019          Recentering Africa, Photocarrefour Art Gallery, Abuja, Nigeria (group)

2019          Direct Look/19, Center for Documentary Photography, Moscow, Russia (group)

2020          Feature Shoot Emerging Photography Awards, Aperture Gallery, New York, USA (group)

2020          PH21 Gallery, Budapest, Hungary (group)

2021          The 'Preferred Frames' project, AKT Art Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine

2021          United Nations UNCTAD exhibition, Palais des Nations, Switzerland (group)

2022          ILEX Gallery, Rome, Italy (group)

2023          Double Room Gallery, Trieste, Italy (solo)

2024          Xposure Photography Festival, 'The Other Days of Life' series, Sharjah, UAE

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+38 (096) 527 05 85

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