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Preferred Frames

Special needs, developmental disorders, intellectual disabilities, mental retardation—our society is still trying to find the right words to use for people who are different from the norm. 

As well as the words, we are trying to find the right behavior patterns to direct toward such people. As a result, the attitude of humanity has radically changed over the previous century. Along with the humanistic evolution of society, the concept of disability is evolving. 


At the same time, discrimination against these people continues to exist. People with disabilities continue to remain strangers to the majority: incomprehensible and dangerous. This view arises primarily from ignorance and a misunderstanding of what to expect from them.

With this project, I wanted to try to at least slightly reduce the distance between people with disabilities and the public majority. To me, just showing and talking about the problem was not sufficient to break stereotypes. I wanted to create a conversation with such people, to give them a voice. 


It seems to me that in this conversation it is important to find a middle ground, without expressing excessive pity or unnecessarily heroising the subjects. It is better to remember that we are all, above all, human beings. 

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